Employers Fact Sheet of Employability:

ASK conducted a study on employability and the role of “higher education institutions (HEIs)” includes the provincial and federal employers who in response to their specific needs of the human resource set the credentials for recruitment that focus primarily on their academic credentials duly supported with soft skills like communication, negotiation, problem-solving, decision making to name a few. Almost more than 9,000 employees recruited by thirty-four public and private sector organizations during the period of 2016 to 2018 enriched the study with their feedback on criteria they hold on while taking their human resource on board.

It has been noted that both public or private sector organizations are dissatisfied of academic-industry linkage on curricula and soft skills required by the prospective employers. However, the private sector employers prefer and deem graduates from private sector HEI more suitable for employment as being preferably better than the public sector HEIs.

This study by no means rank the academic institutions on the yardstick of employability but certainly unfolds the competition verity tagged with academic institutions and the prospects of their graduates’ employability.