Employee Engagement Post COVID-19:

The past several months have produced change at a pace we’ve rarely experienced, as we look to the future, one thing is for sure – the future of work won’t look anything like the past. The key to success on the road ahead is identifying the important things that have stayed the same and keeping sight of those as you navigate the key changes.

Let’s begin with two things that haven’t changed and likely never will for employee engagement, no matter how much the world changes, these were important before COVID, they are vital now, and they will continue to be critical in the future.


This is an essential ingredient to employee engagement and should stay at the heart of any effort to improve engagement and performance.

Uncertainty kills engagement, it is dangerous because of how our brains have evolved to keep us safe. In a similar way as it does to uncertainty at work. When we are uncertain, our brain fills in the details in a way that creates a fear response to help us find safety. This is what makes uncertainty in the office really dangerous to engagement.

The key is to keep on going two-way communication happening at all times keeping the norms of social distancing and embedding the norms of virtual engagement and upskilling to open the minds towards greater Attitude, Skills & knowledge.


If we weren’t expressing enough appreciation to one another when we were in the same physical space together, this won’t likely improve when we are physically apart. This is a problem because we know that feeling valued and appreciated are drivers of employee engagement.

To meet this challenge, Organizations have to think more broadly about how to create moments of recognition and appreciation virtually. Employees should experience acknowledgement and appreciation from their manager through regular check-ins and one-on-one meetings, co-workers can also play an important role If organizations want to make huge leaps in helping your employees feel more appreciated.

While the core drivers of employee engagement, like the two, just outlined, haven’t meaningfully changed, there are some essential factors that have to be incorporated in a post-Covid-19 future of work environment.

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