Human Development Project



Human Development Project

Sustainable human development is the strategic goal for lasting change. The objective is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy, productive and creative lives. ASK human development projects are aimed at supporting human rights, promoting social justice to improve the well being of people.

Youth Training and Development Programs

Youth skills & development is our core thematic interest. We have designed and delivered in-house courses and on-ground projects for youth entrepreneurship and leadership initiatives. There are a number of partnership initiatives that we took for expanding our network for outreach to youth economic empowerment. Youth with the right attitude, skills, and knowledge makes a difference for socio-economic growth. ASK managed a number of projects across Pakistan for youth development and job placement.

Women Empowerment Projects

Effective participation of Pakistani women in decision making process under LeadershipInitiative program is our key contribution to the society. We took programs in number ofdistricts and designed capacity building programs for women. The training programs had significant impact in developing women entrepreneurs. We worked for women empowerment through entrepreneurship projects and advocacy campaigns.

Employment Projects

The employment projects enabled thousands of youth to increase their family income.These projects were funded by USAID, CHF, IRC and Care International.

Capacity Building

We are associated with team of development professionals over a decade and have trained thousands of participants. Our objective of human development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy, productive and creative lives. The purpose is to enlarge people’s choices for socio-cultural development, livelihood, social well-being
and positive change in individual’s life.

Livelihood Programs

Through livelihood support services initiative we have provided vital job skills training and employ-ability to the underprivileged youth (males and females) in various districts of Pakistan.

The objectives of our projects included preparing the unskilled youth, men and women to meet the needs of the industry by providing them entry level job skills as well as helping the successful graduates of the program in finding suitable jobs with special emphasis on women