Financial Management Services



Financial Management

ASK focuses on simplifying the accounting tasks and strengthening the financial decision making within the client’s organization. For more than one decade our financial team is providing customized financial accounting packages to our clients. We aim to deliver accurate, secure and standard financial accounting solutions using best accounting packages with compliance to statutory and financial reporting requirements of the industry.

Maintaining Clients Books of Accounts

Our financial accounting services help our clients to receive ready to use financial reports for management information.

  • Customized accounting packages
  • Maintenance of General Ledger
  • Closing Accounts and Generated Trial Balance
  • Preparing Budget Plans and Financial Control Mechanism
  • Updating Charts of Accounts
  • Preparing Bank Reconciliations
  • Preparing Accounts Reconciliations
  • Preparing Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Maintenance and Reconciliation of Inventory Records
  • Accounts Receivables
    • Generating Sales Order
    • Generating Customer Invoices
    • Recording Receipts of Payments
    • Generating Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Accounts Payable
    • Generating Purchase Order
    • Recording Bills from Vendors
    • Recording Payments to Vendors

Cost Reduction Plans

Cost Reduction Plan is a blend of short-term and long-term cost reduction initiatives. Each initiative is based on an analysis of the company’s operations, best practices and assessment of the forecasted benefits. It is imperative for an organization to have this cost-cutting solution for maintainable growth.

Internal Audit and Review

With ASK Internal Audit Solutions, client organizations have a partner who thinks about risk in the context of their business. We help organizations achieve their operational and financial objectives.

Payroll and HRMIS

(Human Resource Management Information Service)

We provide complete third party payroll management service to our clients. ASK has been working as Outsourced Staff Management (OSM) vendor since August 2007 and is well aware of industry requirements, culture and consciousness about quality and ethical practices. To cater the need of contemporary HR Challenges, ASK Development has developed online HRMS which is a Web Based System that provides direct access to Human Resource (HR) information in support of operational activities. This Application facilitates both Employee and Employer; a platform where they connect and get information regarding (employee recruitment record, payroll, HR administration etc.)