Human Resource Outsourcing

HRO is an established management practice in large and medium size organizations all over the world. It is foremost of BPO, “Outsourcing” is the contracting out of an internal business process to an outside organization. Outsourcing sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another. (Wikipedia) HRO & RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) are considered HR tools of 21st century.

Russ Banham research appeared in “HRO Today”, leading magazine says, HR outsourcing is exploding on the business scene with the speed of light. Twenty years ago, Global 2000 companies performed 90% of the 21 identified HR functions in-house. Today, companies are moving fast to outsource most of these functions, with a few creating an end-to-end HR business process outsourcing (BPO) model. Another survey that depicts HRM trends in 2012 has reported that more than 48% organizations have adopted HRO as their strategy to cater increasing management cost and handle legal compliance.

Models of HRO by ASK

There are two internationally recognized HR outsourcing models: Administrative Services Organization (ASO) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO). ASO offers partial outsourcing of HR functions and PEO provides complete HRM outsourcing with transfer of legal responsibility of HRM to third party.

HRO & RPO – Benefits to Our PartnersHRO

ASK believes in professional relation that adds value to client’s sustainability. Our outsourcing solutions help our clients to attain their goals. Most corporations have one HR professional for every 100 active employees, according to the Saratoga Institute, Hodges explains. “An HR department that was trying to be efficient by itself through reengineering might get to one HR employee for every 150 active employees. But if you reengineer HR in conjunction with a third party outsourcing provider you should be able to get to a ratio of one to 300, marking a huge reduction in labor cost.”


We are HR professionals; who have proven capability both at client- and supplier-side. The team is wired by web based technology to utilize best-in-class processes, IT applications and delivery model. This will optimize your back office transactional activity and your HR team can focus more on aligning HR strategy with corporate objectives and changing market place.

ASK believes in client focused solutions and offers both; ASO and PEO. This includes:

  • Selective / Full HR functions outsourcing
  • Offshore HR outsourcing
  • Recruitment service
  • Pay-Roll Management and Regulatory Compliance

Why you choose ASK

  • Complete HR solutions; recruitment to separation
  • Service process and standardization is based on ISO-9001
  • Data security and contingency service is ensured through BCP (business continuity plan)
  • Dedicated functionaries for each client
  • 24 hours Help Line to assist employees and stake holders
  • Designated financial services for each employees segment
  • Technology based financial management to ensure transparency and speed.

ASK offers HRO services through online technology/ HRMS (Human Resource Management Software)ASK Offers

  • Integration of biometrics attendance system with HRMS.
  • Travel Manager (It provides travel claims of employees working at different locations. Claims calculation is integrated with Google Maps.
  • Online Performance Management / Appraisal System.
  • Record keeping of personal files in soft / scanned form online
  • Recruitment & Selection process (CV Database, CV sorting, short listing etc.)
  • Leaving / Resigning, Termination and other functions online reporting
  • Salary slips
  • Payroll calculation with the input of attendance & incentive details
  • Salary invoice preparation for client • Online bank advice for salary disbursement
  • Online taxation, EOBI, Social security and Gratuity
  • Access to client for HR records and reporting in real time