Human Development

For the past few years ASK Development continuously putting efforts towards human development and have focused on lasting change.  It has built a platform titled CDP (Centre for Development Professionals).

The cornerstone of CDP`s efforts is our commitment to provide best approach, methodology and practices for human development. We are associated with team of development professionals over a decade and have trained thousands of participants. Our objective of human development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy, productive and creative lives.

The purpose of human development is to enlarge people’s choices for socio-cultural development, livelihood,social well-beingand positive change in individual’s life. In principle, these choices can be infinite and can change over time. Human development areas are:


  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Capacity building initiatives
  • Institutional Development
  • Exposure Visits
  • Mentoring Program
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Career Counseling and out placement program
  • Research and Development

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