Personality Assessment and Testing Service (PATS)

Sales Position Test (SPT)

This test is designed to assess personality traits, aptitude and skills for successful career in sales. It assess all the required skills for best suited candidate for sales business. This assessment will help decision makers to select the best attributes (e.g. adaptability, extroversion, critical thinking, competitiveness, self-development, communication etc.) in individual for the position of choice.

Students Admission Test (SAT)

This test is designed for the purpose of admitting students at different educational levels. It is also referred as “Entrance Examination” taken by educational institutes to select students for admission. Design of test is dependent on the requirement criteria and specifications of institutes for different level of education.

Career Aptitude Test (CAT)

This test is designed to assess aptitude affinity of students to help them choose the academic streams for careers for which their skills and aptitude are best suited.

General Recruitment Test (GRT)

This test is designed to assess or determine ability, capacity and motivation of individuals for learning new skills, knowledge seeking and intelligence required for different portfolios.

Personality and Aptitude Test (PAT)

This test is designed to help you understand your abilities as well as areas of improvement to lead a competitive life in the age of highly cataclysmic era to live in. It presents a 10 point picture of a person’s thinking patterns and personality.

Customized Tests

This option or feature is designed to make any desired alteration in the already developed tests and its specifications according to the demand of organization, customers or client institutes for whom recruitments are to be done.