Frequently Asked Questions

What is PATS?

PATS stands for Psychometric Assessment Testing Service. It include different tests recruited for the purpose of selection, admission, promotion, professional profiling, training evaluation and recruitment. This service help people to select the right job based on their career and aptitude results. Individual, groups, organizations, and students can get equal benefit of this testing service.

How can I get myself enrolled?

You can register or enroll in the test through purchasing the test and providing information (e.g. email address, CNIC number, age etc.). The bank receipt of payment should be given to the company so that the candidate can be enrolled in the test and provided access and time for appearing in test.

What is CAT and which CAT should I attempt?

ASK development offers two types of Career Aptitude Test (CAT) which help students to make wise choices about career selection. One test is for students to test their career aptitude after 8th grade and the other is after 10th grade. Verbal, numerical and subject specific knowledge is assessed through these tests and help to discover deeply satisfying careers to help students in becoming more focused. Students may enroll in these tests through online registration process.

Can I purchase this test for myself/school or organization?

Individuals and organizations can purchase the test through online as well as manual method (through submitting bank draft). See “Online Payment” section on website for more details.

Can I access the test 24/7?

The free version of tests can be accessed 24/7 on the website whereas the full versions can only be accessed after purchase and on the specific given time period to attempt the test.

After submission of fee, if I am unable to attempt the test on provided time period, can I claim the fee?

The fee submitted for purchasing tests is non-refundable. However, if you have missed to attempt the test in the provided time period, you can claim (only once) to re-activate the password for accessing/attempting test online.

Why should I attempt these tests?

Different available tests serve different purposes depending upon the specific dimension it is focusing. The details of each test can be found in the “Downloads” section of website in the form of one pagers for each test. More details can be provided on demand through contacting us on provided email address and telephone numbers

What is the proof for test results?

Results of online tests will be submitted on the provided email addresses of candidates/participants. Results of manually conducted tests will be sent to the client organization’s official address.

Will it give me an advantage for admissions or job?

“Admission Tests” will provide you advantage of selection based on your result “Career Aptitude Tests” will help you in selection of academic fields for further studies through evaluating aptitude for different subjects “Personality and Aptitude Tests” will help you identify your personality type and relevant aptitude for different skills. “Sales and management tests” are developed based upon the ability, skills, and performance to be measured Moreover, the above mentioned tests provide you results in table and graphic form but it cannot be used as a certificate for claiming possession of certain skill or personality type. As characteristics of human beings are subject to change with time and situation, these results can only be valid for a given time period and are subject to change or improve with time.

How can I purchase the testing service?

There are two methods of payment for purchasing testing services. Both are mentioned in the Online Payment section on the website.