Our tailored solutions develop a comprehensive strategy of the recruitment in consultation with client’s HRM Department to ensure a process that is measurable on both qualitative and quantitative scales. We offer small and large scale recruitment service on one-off or long term basis.

Our Approach

PRO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is our leading service. ASK offers a competitive advantage in the marketplace as it provides organizations with the ability to rapidly acquire the best employees, reduce operational costs and risks, and gain access to consultancy expertise to maintain their HR inventory.

Our Recruitment Servicesrecruitmentpic

  • Partial or Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Behavioral and Skill Analysis
  • Head Hunting
  • Resume/CV Screening
  • Antecedent Verification

Recruitment Sourcing

We deploy a range of sources to generate candidate’s pool. Some are social & print media, institutional collaboration with job portals, and referrals.

Additional Recruitment Tools

ASK has introduced “Behavioral and Skill Assessment” for recruitment in collaboration with PSP, USA ( . The test is computer based and candidate profile report is prepared by industrial psychologists manually.A wide range of tests and assessments for hourly employees to a CEO are available, measuring more than 100 multiple competencies, skills and behavioral factors. We can customize tests to address specific position Competency profiling. Tests other than recruitment can also be customized for following:psp

  • Executive Selection
  • Management Selection & Promotion
  • Career Development
  • Sales Selection

Succession Planning PSP has more than 65 years of testing & assessment experience and many Fortune 500 companies are users of its test. Dr. F. Herzberg (motivation theory originator) was research director in PSP and had been one of architects of assessment tools. It provides more reliable and authentic tool.

PSP has conducted over 1.5 million tests for over 1,000 clients in 23 countries.


PSP Brochure

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